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Posted by Environmental Service Expert January 31st, 2020

We’ll do a thorough check of your property to be certain we know where the mold is located.

When you suspect you have a mold problem at your home or business, you may not know exactly what to do to identify the source or get rid of the mold. While there are plenty of articles online about how to get rid of mold yourself, what they won’t tell you is that mold can be a dangerous indoor air pollutant that is easily spread from one room to another.

Mold Damage beside Door

At AdvantaClean of Brunswick, we understand that you want to get rid of a mold problem as soon as possible. That’s why we often recommend starting with a mold inspection to help us identify the mold type, its severity, and the next steps to take. We also recommend calling on our professionals for a mold inspection, so you can avoid the hazards that active mold can create when it becomes airborne inside your living and working spaces.

3 Signs You Need a Professional Mold Inspection

Mold can grow easily in many different places as long as it has some moisture and warmth, meaning that our area with the heat and high humidity levels is more prone to mold growth than other areas of the country. No matter where you live in the area, you should be checking your home regularly for areas that might have mold growth. Here at AdvantaClean of Brunswick, we have a few warning signs that can signal your need for a professional mold inspection, including:

  1. Someone is experiencing breathing problems. Mold is easily airborne and can be inhaled without you realizing there is a mold growth. While many forms of mold are harmless, others can either cause or worsen symptoms of those with breathing problems. You might also experience problems that mimic a cold, such as headaches, sneezing, a runny nose or wheezing. If these symptoms improve when you leave the house, it may be mold rather than a virus causing the issue.
  2. There is a musty, mildew smell with no visible source. If the air in your home is starting to smell stale, musty, or like a mildew-ridden bathroom, you should have a professional mold inspection done. Mold inspection professionals can find the source of mold if you cannot and let you know if there is an issue.
  3. Your home or business has higher-than-recommended humidity – Whether you’ve had your dehumidifier break, problems with your HVAC system, or even a small flood or nominal leak, high moisture can create the perfect environment for mold to grow.

To schedule a professional mold inspection with us at AdvantaClean of Brunswick, please contact us today.

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7 good reasons to schedule a mold inspection

When our professionals arrive to complete a mold inspection, we’ll do a thorough check of your property to be certain we know where the mold is located and the scope of the concern. Then, by addressing any moisture source we find that is allowing mold to multiply, we can identify the best and safest course of action for correction. While a mold inspection is our first step, it certainly isn’t our last!

Our team is trained and certified to help you maintain your best indoor air quality, and that includes stopping mold growth at its source. We can tackle mold problems with crawlspaces, basements, attics and other areas that the standard do-it-yourself model just can’t handle.

Very thorough and timely


“Robert is very thorough and timely in his all communications! He has a great crew of friendly guys who work for him that we felt very comfortable with! The job was done completely to ensure all mold and their spores were gone. They work very hard, but somehow make it seem effortless.”

★★★★★ Kelley H.

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